Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Updates and fundraising plea

Lots going on in the coming weeks:

Next week, catch Gretchen on WFHB radio 91.3 on Tuesday at 6:00.

Then, come to the benefit concert featuring two awesome Bluegrass / Old Time bands at the Monroe County Historical Museum. 8:00, Friday the 24th, $9.00 admission.

And bring 5 friends to hear Gretchen on Saturday the 25th at the Monroe County Library Auditorium, 4:00. Should be a big crowd.

Click here to read my latest DailyKos diary.

And please, please-- consider donating to the campaign. In these last few weeks, we really need the funds to get our message out. Everything you can give will help, whether it's 9 dollars or 900. And please pass the word on to your friends.

One last thing: YARDSIGNS, get yer yardsigns! They're popping up all over the place! We've got lots of them, so get yours soon-- you'll be the envy of your neighbors. Contact the campaign or drop by the office.


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