Thursday, May 04, 2006

Campaign memories

Here you can share your thoughts about the campaign, your favorite memories, your hopes for the future, etc.

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Anonymous Mike Gasser said...

Thanks for running, Gretchen! And don't give up the fight.

12:50 PM  
Blogger greg alexander said...

In early April it became clear that GWB was intending to prompt a nuclear arms race (tortoise/hare anybody?) with Iran by hanging the threat of a nuclear first-strike over their head. I immediately called Evan Bayh, Dick Lugar, and Mike Sodrel to tell them what they should have been able to figure out on their own. Several days later I received an email from Gretchen that exactly represented my views. My imagination went wild -- a congressperson who would tell me that peace is an option contrasted with a congressperson who will send me a letter saying he supports our commander in chief come hell or high water or discussing the various merits of a first strike philosophy. A representative actually representing my views in the federal government! Radical!

Thanks for the dream!

- Greg

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my favorite memories from the campaign: Gretchen and I were door-knocking in Sellersberg, and as we walked up one particular driveway we noticed that the car had two identical bumperstickers attatched: 'Jesus is coming, are you ready?' We plugged on nevertheless. A little old lady opened the door, invited us in, told us that Bill Clinton was the best president ever (she even kept pictures of him, she said!) and let us stick a Clearwater sign in her yard. It was quite a surprise, and a major learning experience for me!


10:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recall the day when Gretchen visited her former office (which was now my office) to collect a few items left hanging on the wall. While removing her belongings, she confided in me that she had reached a decision, and when I pressed her for specifics, she said rather matter-of-factly "I'm running for Congress."

I was floored by that revelation, but at the same time, my grin revealed my overwhelming excitement at this news, and I said, "Gretchen, that's wonderful!" And then we talked a bit about her decision and how it came about, and what it would take to launch a successful campaign. As she left my office, I shouted, "The revolution begins!!" To which, Gretchen stopped and poked her head back in and calmly indicated that all revolutions need plenty of help.

I was happy to contribute the time and resources that I could, but sure wish it could have been more. This campaign has renewed my faith in citizen activism such that I'm able to see past the systemic problems of the two major political parties. I sure hope she runs again.

Keith Vogelsang

9:29 PM  

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