Friday, February 24, 2006

Speech at the PFC Forum

Gretchen's speech today at the Progressive Faculty Coalition's Spring Forum was a big success-- she was interrupted several times by applause, and received a standing ovation at the end.

If not now, when?

If not us, who?

Join us tomorrow, Saturday the 25th, in New Albany, or help put together yard signs-- contact the campaign for more info or to help out!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Upcoming Events

Be sure to read the previous post about Gretchen's recent speech in Madison.

Here are a couple of upcoming events:

-this Friday, February 24th, Gretchen will speak at a forum hosted by IU's Progressive Faculty Coalition. The event is at Wylie Hall, on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, at 12 noon. Please come and hear Gretchen speak!

-this coming Saturday, February 25th, Gretchen will give a speech in New Albany, Indiana, at IU-Southeast, titled "It Doesn't Have To Be Like This!" It's at 2:00pm in the University Center North, Indiana Room. Bring a friend!

Contact the campaign if you'd like more info or if you want to join in.

Speech in Madison

Gretchen's speech in Madison, Indiana, on Sunday Feb 19th was a success. The citizens who braved the brutal cold heard Gretchen talk about America's security and how it can be improved.

A spirited question and answer session followed the speech. Here's a link to coverage in the Madison Courier. For now, a few pictures (thanks to Daniela for taking them).

Friday, February 17, 2006

Gretchen on WFHB news

Click here to listen to a WFHB (community radio) story which aired February 16th. The part of the newscast about Gretchen starts about halfway through, after all the Mike Davis stuff (you should be able to fast-forward).

The story is about our exclusion from the State Democratic Party's official website. It features a response from a spokesperson for the party. The response contains two misrepresentations. One is that this is the "centerpiece" of Gretchen Clearwater's campaign. That's utterly false. The issues are the centerpiece of Gretchen's campaign, as anyone who's ever heard her speak can tell you. This is one issue, albeit one with a larger symbolic importance-- the fact that the party leadership thinks they can choose who represents us.

The second thing: the spokesperson made a big deal out of the fact that Gretchen's supporters have pledged to support our opponent if he wins the primary. How is this newsworthy? We're good Democrats, and we will support our party's nominee. We hope and expect that nominee to be Gretchen Clearwater. But if it happens to be our opponent, then of course we'll support him against Mike Sodrel in November. Won't his supporters support Gretchen if she wins the primary? We certainly assume so. (Perhaps someone should ask, just to be sure.)

Overall, a good story. The key thing is that Gretchen is traveling all over the district, talking about the issues that matter to folks in the 9th district. Won't you join in?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Historic Madison

On Saturday, Team Clearwater volunteers were pounding the pavement in beautiful Madison, Indiana, spreading the word about Gretchen Clearwater's speech there, on Sunday February 19th, 1:30pm, at the Madison-Jefferson County Library.

All of the volunteers (some of whom hadn't been to Madison before) were struck by what a great city it is-- a gorgeous location overlooking the Ohio River, lots of historic homes and great shops, and above all, friendly, welcoming people.

Here are a few pictures we took while we were there...

the beautiful riverfront-- hopefully next time we're here it will be a bit warmer...

...great old storefronts, now occupied by unique shops, cafes, antique places, etc...

The Courthouse...

And last but certainly not least, the reason we were there-- here's one of the many blue leaflets we were given permission to put up in local businesses. This one's in the window of an excellent barbecue place some of us stopped at for lunch.

If you live in Madison or anywhere nearby, please do come to hear Gretchen's speech on Sunday Feb. 19th, at the Library-- entitled "Do You Feel Safer?" She'll be talking about how we can make our country more secure without compromising our values. See you there!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Recent media

Here are a few of the media outlets that have recently run articles about the campaign (most just deal with Gretchen Clearwater's filing for the primary):

The Tribune (Seymour, IN)
White River News (Columbus, IN)
Brown County Democrat (Nashville, IN)

Please let us know if your local newspaper, TV station, or radio show mentions the campaign!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New DailyKos entry

Click here to read my new diary entry on the DailyKos blog (a national Democratic political blog).

Lots of goings-on in the campaign: we need volunteers to help distribute flyers in Madison, IN, on Saturday-- to publicize Gretchen's speech on Sunday Feb. 19th at the Madison-Jefferson County Public Library at 1:30 pm. Gretchen will also be in Sellersburg this week for a Democratic meeting.

We are gaining momentum! Join Team Clearwater-- we need volunteers for all kinds of things. Whatever your talents and availability, we'll find you a job. And we can also use your donation of any amount, small or large. $9 for the 9th!